Q&A With Harlie Briggs


Hi, I'm Harlie Briggs and I'm an abstract artist from London. My practice consists of abstract nature work, nude portraits and up-cycled ceramics. Having different parts of my practice enables me to reach different people and expand myself as much as possible.

How did you get involved in what you are doing now, what made you want to become an artist?

I have always painted since I can remember, but it was only in November 2019 that I decided to go part time with Primary School Teaching so that I could spend more time on my artwork as it was always my dream! 

 What is your main source of inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all around me and mainly from people and our world. Nature brings so much tranquility, beauty and peace, which I hope to reflect in my paintings and bring people a little slice of calmness. 

 Why did you create this Mabe&A print for Mothers Day?

When I think of Mother's Day, I think of flowers, new beginnings, life and nature. Mothers are nature, they grow new life, watch them flourish and keep them happy and content. Therefore, it was imperative that our Mother's Day print was nature, with a focus on the warm colour orange. The colour orange represents joy, warmth and happiness, which is what comes to mind when I think of my own mother and is what I wanted to come across in this Mabe&A print.

 Mabe&A jewellery is about creating memories, what is your most treasured piece of jewellery that you own?

My most treasured piece of jewellery is a ring that my mother gave me, it's almost too precious to wear! It was a ring that my father gave her when they were young and very in love!

 What is your favourite piece from our collection?

My favourite piece is the Rosalind Pearl necklace as it has a beautiful gold chain and the pearl is a beautiful added touch. 

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What's next for Harlie Briggs

I'm hoping this year to continue with new collections and build upon the work I have already been doing. It is a DREAM for me to have an exhibition at some point, hopefully when things are back to normal I can start planning something!


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