Our Values

Having worked in the fashion industry and starting my own jewellery brand, I recognise that Mabe&A has a responsibility to operate in the most sustainable way possible. This is not only for us as a brand but for all of our stakeholders including; Customers, Partners, and Suppliers. Keeping this at the forefront of our minds, we only work with factories and suppliers which meet our values and criteria of transparency, responsible sourcing, and a safe working environment for our artisans. 

Our Factory & Partners

Our Factory has been awarded a leading industry sustainability accreditation and adheres to the global standard and practices for responsible sourcing of jewellery. This certification is one of the hardest in the world! This includes;

  • Responsible Supply chain & Sourcing Risks
  • Working conditions, Labour rights & wages
  • Health, Safety & environment
  • Responsible exploration and mining  
  • Recycled materials where possible 

Why can jewellery be sold so cheaply?

The Industry is filled with so many cheaply made jewellery products, which can also be unethically made and can contain harmful chemicals. The reason why jewellery can be sold so cheaply is due to mass production of inexpensive and unknown materials or much lower labour costs. 

If I buy a more expensive piece of jewellery does this mean it’s more likely to be a more ethical product?

No, sadly a higher price point does not necessarily mean it’s a more ethical product. some sellers just add a much higher markup on the price of their goods.

At Mabe&A we care about the environment in which our jewellery has been produced and the materials that we use.

Our Packaging 

Our eco-friendly tissue paper, postal boxes, and printed materials are biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable. Our tissue paper is used with renewable soy-based inks and is completely acid-free and FCS Certified.

We are proud to now be a part of the NoIssue Eco-Packaging Alliance which means every packaging order we place; trees are planted for us in areas of need. 

Our Stock

We stock limited quantities and we only reorder styles as needed to reduce unnecessary waste and limit our environmental impact.

We work with a made to order business model with our suppliers to avoid and reduce over ordering which creates waste


Our Vision

We are constantly reviewing how we can improve our brand and the decisions we take to be as sustainable as possible.

Our vision is to actively engage our customers, our partners and the jewellery community as a whole, in developing a sustainable environment which inspires best practice & empowers those individuals to become more responsible in their decision making, to contribute to a more sustainable future.