An independent Jewellery brand that focuses on uncomplicated, feminine, and layerable styles which are designed to effortlessly fit into everyday life, a classic feel with a modern twist.
I design what I love, each piece of my collection starts as a mood, a colour, an experience or an inspirational image. hand sketched into jewellery forms. Made from a variety of precious metals and materials then handmade or hand assembled in our UK studio along with my international team of jewellery artisans. 
 From a young age, I always wanted to work in the Fashion Industry and after attending The London College of Fashion I pursued a career in Fashion Buying with Global Brands, e-commerce businesses, and boutique fashion houses.  For the past 10 years, I have gained in-depth knowledge and a love for beautiful accessories, with buying trips in places such as; London, Paris, New York, Milan, Venice, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
The name Mabe originates from a type of pearl, My late father would bring back pearls from his travels and are now kept as a treasured memory. Mabe&A Jewellery has been created and inspired by femininity and the love of travel, Jewellery that is designed to connect with you when worn and connects you to the past and the present.
What memories will Mabe&A create for you?
Lots of Love
Founder & Designer - Mabe&A 










 Amber Heard, Founder & Designer


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